Sunday, October 2, 2011

The splinter in my fingertips

I pull at it so gently, my fingers are soft as a butterflies' kiss. I hold it beneath my chin, rocking it's fragile body, cradling my gentle child. I pluck it and swoon with an echoed shudder. High now, we sway and shake and the song ends as I return to myself. Its' body is gently nestled in my soft curls against my throat. I release it and drag the bow across the strings one last time. One last time.
My beloved, Miss Darcy, has requested that I begin to blog-post to So I shall be starting that fairly soon. From what I surmise she wishes me to delve deeper into what it's like to be a female in the "geek" world. I'm not entirely sure as to where I will fit into this assemblage, seeing as they already have a female who writes & reads slash fanfiction. Perhaps, I shall divulge upon my many cultured experiences within role playing. We'll see.
As for my female protagonist. She has quite the conundrum, something that would even perplex The Doctor.